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Jungle Camp: Candidates are heavily in debt

Candidates urgently need money

Martin Kesici / Rtl

Auweia, what are we hearing from the jungle? Several of the "jungle camp" candidates are said to have to deal with high debts and only participate in the "RTL" show. Next to Daniel Lopes, who is struggling with a revelatory oath, footballers Ailton and singer Martin Kesici seem to suffer from big money problems. One thing is for sure: there have never been as many indebted candidates as in this season before. Martin Kesici exposes debts to all candidates, the same problem: They came to money and lost it just as quickly. Daniel Lopes was loud "image", through appearances and CDs, earned money generously and now struggling with a revelation. "Tic Tac Toe" - singer Jazzy Tackenberg was given a custody order for rent and footballer Ailton gave away his money to friends and family. Martin Kesici seems to be dogged by bad luck after his "star search" victory with his opened bar. The result: countless bills that the singer can no longer pay. "I make no secret of it: I need coal, " reveals Martin Kesici opposite the "image". Well, at least he is honest! MR

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