Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Cans with lavender

  • various tin cans (washed out and without label)
  • lavender plants
  • some stalks of lavender
  • Paper (patterned, matching color)
  • Myrtle wire in silver
  • double-sided adhesive tape (eg

      from tesa)
    • satin ribbon
    • scissors

    1. Equip large cans with plants.

    2. Tape a small box and stick the paper around it.

    3. Shorten the upper edge with the shaft cutter.

    4. Put a small bunch of lavender in the water-filled tin.

    5. Wrap a small wreath from the remaining lavender flowers and tie the satin ribbon.

    Tip: To give as a gift B. clamp a small card to one of the large doses.