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DIY tip: a wreath of rose hips and roses

With a handful of utensils we conjure a beautiful door wreath
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Rosehips are simply part of the autumn decoration. With roses and apple fruits we make a beautiful door wreath. Join us!

That's what you need for the wreath:

  • 1 bunch of rosehips (from the dog rose)
  • Flower wire 1
  • Bunch of apple rose fruits (thick rosehips)
  • 1 bunch Multiflora Rosehip (small rosehips)
  • 2 bunch of roses
  • gloves
  • secateurs

And that's how easy it is:

1. Layer single rosehip branches slightly and wrap them together with flower wire (3-5 individual branches).

2. Bend the connected branches into a wreath and fix the ends with wire.

3. Wind other branches around the frame of the wreath, possibly fix with wire in between.

4. Cut multiflora rose hips and other berries, etc. into small bundles, combine them and wrap them around the wreath in a scaly manner with wire.

5. Cut the apple rose into short sections, wrap the end of the stem with wire. Sections work in the wreath.

6. Cut the roses and put them in the wreath, possibly fix with wire.

Tip: Use gloves! Put roses in small water-filled flowerpots with lids to keep them longer.