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DIY jewelry: make statement chains yourself

Photo: deco & style
  1. Create your own
  2. Statement chains with a bow
  3. Fimo-clunkers
  4. Wickerwork for the neck
  5. Jewelery made of fabric beads

Create your own

They have long been the it-piece around our necks: the statement necklaces. Time to actually make it yourself. We can do that, we reveal four XXL examples.

Statement chains with a bow

Picture above: Wow look for dress or T-shirt! Gold and navy blue are the perfect double in this statement necklace and the XXL loop to close is already an absolute eye-catcher. The sewn-on tip gives the otherwise so hard link chain fine features. Overall, a very feminine piece of jewelry with potential to favorite part.

What you need: link chain, embroidery thread, lace, fabric, side cutter, sewing needle, tailor's chalk, geodesic triangle, fabric scissors

And this is how it works:

1. Cut the link chain to the desired length.

2. Sew the lace lightly gathered with embroidery thread on the chain, always alternating through a chain link and prick the point.

3. Cut two 10 cm wide strips from the fabric in an oblique threadline.

4. Pull the fabric strips through the chain link ends of the two chains. Fix with a knot. Tie with a bow. Already the DIY jewelry is ready.


Expensive gems were yesterday - today we conjure up statement chains made of polymer clay ... yes, exactly the material that many know from their childhood. Thanks to the versatile possibilities, everyone can determine the desired shape and size of the chain here. We opted for the "do not blob, but clog" variant. Absolutely do it yourself !

You need: modeling clay in 5 different colors (eg Fimo from Staedtler), acrylic roll, roller, kneading tool (all from Staedtler), silk matt paint (from Stadtler), 2 end pieces for leather straps (from, 1 leather strap, 2 round eyelets ( jewelry adhesive, (from, Geodreieck, cutter, baking paper, brush, needle nose pliers, round nose pliers

And this is how it's done:

1. Knead modeling clay gently and roll out with the acrylic roller.

2. So that the polymer clay becomes even flatter, you can give the pre-rolled piece again through the roller.

3. Use geometric triangle and cutter to crop geometrical shapes in different colors.

4. Merge the different pieces as desired.

5. Roll a large surface from a fimo paint, if necessary several pieces have to be put together.

6. Place the prefabricated geometric shapes on the smooth surface and press gently.

7. Use the cutter to cut out the contour of the background surface slightly away from the colorful shapes.

8. Pierce a hole on the left and right top using a tool.

9. Burn the chain tag to baking paper in the oven according to the manufacturer's instructions.

10. Apply the paint after cooling.

11. Stick decorative glue into the end pieces and push in the leather band quite firmly.

12. Bend the two ends of the end pieces together.

13. Pull the round eyes through the holes of the polymer clay pendant and through the holes in the end pieces.

14. Bend the eyelets together.

Wickerwork for the neck

How to turn a gold link chain into a real jewelry hit quickly and cheaply? Quite simple - with yarn in three different colors. Sounds easy-peasy, it is too. And then it just says, "Wow, where did you buy them?"

What you need: Embroidery thread in 3 different colors, 3 sewing needles, link chain, fabric scissors or yarn scissors

And this is how it's done:

1. Place each thread color 6-fold and knot together at one end.

2. Guide the open ends of a paint into a sewing needle.

3. Using the sewing needles, pierce through the bodice of the necklace and interlace the threads on one side.

4. Pierce the lower thread color again from the top into the next chain link.

5. Tie the 3 colors at the end of the chain and cut both sides short.

Jewelery made of fabric beads

Slightly simpler than their predecessors, but no less clever, this necklace presents itself as a surprise. Inside are simple wooden beads that give the fabric the contour. Styling tip: Looks great with sweaters in red or dark blue with round neck.

You need: 1 scarf, 1 leather strap in matching color (craft shop, 1Band about 1.40 €), 3-4 larger round wooden beads, some smaller wooden beads (both craft shops, eg; individually from ca.0, 39 € or for example by RICO design, 50 pieces á 20 mm diameter 5.90 €), silver-colored myrtle wire (craft shop, about 1, 99 € / roll), closure parts for a necklace (craft shop from about 2.59 €), scissors, sewing machine and matching yarn, jewelry pliers

And this is how we did it:

1. Cut a strip of approx. 5 x 30 cm from the cloth.

2. Sew together strips of fabric right to right into a tube and roll it upside down.

3. Pull the leather strap through the hose.

4. Thread one bead on the leather band. Knot the hose with the strap just behind each bead and pull tight.

5. Gradually work in the pearls in this way.

6. After the last bead with silver wire, wrap a closure around the leather and attach the chain fastener with the jewelry pliers.

all pictures: deco & style

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