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DIY idea: decorate floor vase with yarn

With a simple trick we decorate this simple floor vase
Photo: deco & style

Floral eye-catcher

Your monochrome floor vase is too boring for you? Then here we have a simple DIY idea with which you can simply spice up your vase.

You need this for the floor vase:

  • Cotton yarn in blue
  • high floor vase
  • Flowers (gladioli in white, larkspur)
  • eucalyptus
  • scissors
  • secateurs

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut 8 equal lengths of thread spool (the thread must be three times longer than the vase).

2. Wrap a thread around the vase neck and knot it . Tie the 8 long pieces evenly distributed to this thread.

3. Loosely connect two adjacent threads with a double knot . Make sure that there are big stitches. Pick up the next two threads and repeat the process. The knots should all lie horizontally at the same height.

4. When all threads are knotted, the second row follows. To do this, take a thread from the first knot and a thread from the next knot and tie it to a double knot, creating a new stitch in the middle of the top two stitches. Repeat this process until the second course is finished knotted.

5. Same procedure for the third row. Repeat the process until you reach the edge of the vase.

6. Turn over the vase and fix the threads on the bottom of the vase with hot glue .

7. Cut flowers and put them in the vase filled with water.