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DIY idea: knitting instructions for potholders

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The big knick-special in the Tina

Everyone can use potholders. Self-made with a winter theme, they are a great Christmas gift. Here is the free tutorial.

What you need for the oven mitts:

  • DROPS PARIS by GarnstudioFor 2 potholders: 100 g color no. 16, white; 100 g color no. 102, sprayblue
  • DROPS ROUND NEEDLE (40 cm) No. 4 - or the needle size needed to obtain the following stitch sample: 10 x 10 cm = 19 sts 25 x R smooth

All yarns are DROPS yarns. Color cards and dealer proof can be found at

Cost to rework this model: from about 4.00 EUR

Dimensions: about 20 x 20 cm

And that's how easy it is:

The work is done in rounds.

Cast 72 sts on round needle no. 4 with white. 1 round to the left, 1 round to the right and 1 round to the left. On the 1st st of the beginning of the round and on the 37th st place 1 marker (= sides of the potholder). Pattern A.1 (= 36 sts) sts - A.1 is stained 2 times in width. When A.11 x has been stitched vertically, 1 round st, 1 round st and 1 round st with white st.

Then work 1 round and AT THE SAME TIME put 20 new sts on the end of the round (for the hanger). Turn off, cast off 20 new sts, then bind off the remaining 72 sts in the back row.

Place the oven mitts twice so that the marked M are on the sides. Sew the bottom edge of the potholder together with small, clean stitches inside the stop edge.

Sew together the upper edge as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The 20 new M = hangers, sew the end of the hanger to the corner of the potholder.

The second potholder also str, but now swap the colors, so that the pattern color is white and the base color spray blue.

You can find the template as PDF for download here!

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