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DIY idea: Summery sunflower wreath

Capture late summer in a wreath of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, blackberries, chamomile and hydrangeas.

This is what you need for the flower wreath:

  • Wreath of fresh flower pouch (approx.

  • Photo: deco & style
    • 25-30 cm Ø)
    • 2 branched globe thistles
    • 1 stalk branched green chrysanthemums
    • 2-3 stalks of blackberries
    • one umbel each of green and blue hydrangeas
    • 2 stems white ball chamomile
    • 17 small sunflowers (variety "Sonja")
    • knife

    And that's how easy it is:

    1. Soak wreath in water (do not press under water) and slowly absorb water.

    2. Cut thistles, chrysanthemums, blackberries, hydrangeas and chamomiles with a knife, short and at an angle. Put in the wreath in mixed order.

    3. Cut the sunflowers at an angle and put them in the gaps.

    4. Drain the wreath and hang it outside.