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DIY idea: Build kitchen shelf from driftwood

We have to have this kitchen shelf!
Photo: deco & style

Driftwood is very much in fashion

A bit of shabby chic and a touch of country style, this pretty kitchen shelf unites our favorite styles and the best, you can easily imitate it!

What you need for the kitchen shelf:

  • Driftwood Branch
  • Drill with wood drill
  • Cordless screwdriver with screws and dowels (depending on wall condition)
  • spirit level

And that's how easy it is:

1. Pre-drill several holes into the branch using a drill with a wood drill.

2. Bolt the branch horizontally to the wall depending on the wall conditions and attach the S-hooks.

3. Hang kitchen utensils on it.

Prop: S-hook:, 2, 90 € / pcs, frame:, for 6, 90 €, bowls: HK Living, for 8, 90 € / pcs ., Wooden board: Liv, for 39, 90 €, double pot: House Doctor, for 37, 90 €, flower pot:, 10, 95 €, storage glass large: The laundry "Glass Clip Jar", for € 6.90, storage jar small: The laundry "Glass Clip Jar", for € 4.90