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You have to have this gem now!

Even actress Victoria Justice is wearing mini-hoop earrings
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We love this new jewelry trend and wear it guaranteed 2016

For creoles, we usually think of fiery Latinas or hip-hop chic. But now comes the jewelry trend of the eighties back. And in miniature. Mini Creoles go with everything and are super cute . We are in love!

Rose gold, silver or with small rhinestones : miniature hoops do not have to be boring. And the great thing about them, they just go with everything. Whether simple sweater or business outfit: small hoop earrings can be perfectly combined.

I often have the problem that I do not know if a necklace and even earrings are not a bit too much of a good thing. The problem does not exist with mini-hoops. Especially with open hair, the minis are a nice highlight, without that you are hung like a Christmas tree.

If you still order today, the hoops may have been lying under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

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