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Everyone wears this dress - but why?

All of a sudden, this summer dress can be seen on almost every fashion blog. How can it be that a dress appears on 50 blogs at the same time? Is it something about the summer dress? What is really behind it: a brilliant advertising coup.

Photo: Instagram / @ NANYSKLOZET.

At first glance, you do not see why the bloggers are so keen on the colorful summer dress with paisley pattern. Granted, it's pretty, but nothing special. So where does the hype come from?

The dress is the central piece of a new campaign by the US clothing brand Lord & Taylor (also deliver to Germany). It was sent as a marketing measure to the 50 bloggers who shot themselves in different situations and in different combinations. The idea behind it is that a fan of a fashion blogger also buys the dress through the emotional bond.

And that's exactly what worked: Lord & Taylor said the dress was sold out within a weekend. However, we found it online again. And it's even on sale.

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