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This photo of a wedding makes for angry comments

This photo caused a stir on the internet.
Photo: Christopher Glenn Reed / Facebook

Nasty shitstorm after wedding photo

She happily catches the bridal bouquet - her friend looks scared. Actually, a funny photo, but this gets angry comments.

It is a cheerful and yet delicate moment of every wedding: the throwing of the bridal bouquet. Marrying girls hopefully argue about the flowers while others prefer to dodge with embarrassment. At the wedding of Ashley's cousin, however, everything went well, especially for the 21-year-old herself because she is a happy catcher of the bridal bouquet!

She visits the wedding together with her friend Christopher. The couple takes the action with humor and allows themselves a joke: they happily make a selfie on which Ashley looks enthusiastically into the camera, while Christopher looks scared.

A friend posted the picture on Reddit with the comment "Now I have a problem" - and so the story took its course ...

... in a direction no one expected. Because not many share the humor of the couple. Instead, the photo of the wedding now provides countless nasty comments. Users condemn the couple without knowing it. They doubt the authenticity of the image, as they assume that Ashley is far too pretty for Christopher. This in turn should be glad that Ashley even consider someone like him to marry. There are haunting insults about Christopher's appearance.

She caught the bouquet ... And I'm in trouble. #dandrewswedding #dandrewtiestheknot

Posted by Christopher Glenn Reed on Saturday, June 20, 2015

As generous as the Internet community can sometimes be, it is so cruel. But Christopher and Ashley choose the only right way: they go on the offensive and can not be overcome by the nasty comments on the photo. Instead, they stand by their love and post photos of their relationship.

Posted by Christopher Glenn Reed on Monday, April 13, 2015

Now the bad comments have something good in it: Christopher gets popularity from people all over the world, the couple is on numerous media to see how happy they are. Ashley and Christopher love their love because it has nothing to do with looks. A shitstorm can not harm the strong relationship.

Posted by Christopher Glenn Reed on Friday, November 14, 2014
Posted by Christopher Glenn Reed on Wednesday, December 31, 2014