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This coat fits GUARANTEED to your figure

A fitted, long coat conceals perfectly
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  1. Are you looking for the perfect coat for your character? We got him!
  2. Problem zone: wide hips
  3. Problem zone: curvy figure
  4. Problem zone: wide upper body
  5. Problem zone: small breasts
  6. Problem zone: thick butt
  7. Problem zone: large and curvy

Are you looking for the perfect coat for your character? We got him!

Do you know the feeling, when it's getting cold outside, all women in absolute wool-wool coats run around us? Only you have not found the right coat yet. Although you've been through all the online stores and all the stores that would be eligible anyway?

And if you like a coat, he looks totally stupid on you? Believe us, we know these problems only too well. But that is no reason to despair, because there is the right coat for every figure. Promised! We have put together the most beautiful coats suitable for your figure type . You just have to click on it and buy it. Does not that sound fantastic?

Problem zone: wide hips

For you, a flared coat is perfect. It covers your curves around the hips and emphasizes your narrow shoulders. Large buttons also distract from the upholstery.

Problem zone: curvy figure

The hero is called a trench coat, because he is an absolute figure flatterer. Its waisted shape, the buttons stretch your curvy figure overall. If the trench coat is still dark, he cheats away 5 kilos.

Problem zone: wide torso

For you a blazer coat is ideal. He does not pay attention to the wide waist. The narrow lapels stretch your upper body and draws the eye visually towards the buttons and away from the shoulders.

Problem zone: small breasts

A collarless coat is perfect when your bosom is small. The simple, closed shape draws attention to your breast and makes it look bigger. The straight shape additionally stretches and hides small H├╝ftp├Âlsterchen.

Problem zone: thick butt

If you want to hide your buttocks a bit, an oversize coat is perfect for you. Because the XL flatterer conceals the zone around the abdomen, hips and buttocks. However, if you are smaller, you should make sure that the coat is not too long.

Problem zone: big and curvy

You are over 1.80 meters tall and have a little something on the ribs? Then a bathrobe coat is perfect for you. The most concealed, is long and waisted, but has no small details that might look too playful.