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This man has not washed himself for 60 years

Photo: imgur / hedgehoginhats

He is afraid of cleanliness

This story is incredible: For more than 60 years, an Iranian refuses to wash himself. Read here how it barely lives and how crazy he lives.

Amou Haji is 80 years old and lives completely isolated in a rocky desert in the south of Iran. His whole body is covered by a thick crust of dust and dirt . While other people would not hesitate a second to take a bath or even plunge into a lake, Amou Haji enjoys his existence as a dirt finch.

To the newspaper Tehran Times, Haji stated that the aversion to water comes from his youth - when he experienced some emotional setbacks and decided to lead a life of loneliness . He associates clean water with illness and death.

The same applies to food. Therefore, Amou Haji spurns fruits and fresh meat, prefers rotten carcasses of porcupines, which he finds in the desert. The pipe he smokes, he fills not with tobacco, but animal droppings. If you offer him fresh food and clean water , the 80-year-old gets angry .

Amou Hadji's way of life in complete solitude and only with the things one finds on the ground, is difficult to understand. Nevertheless, he indicates that he is happy. However, how many things we need around us to be happy sometimes seems no less crazy.