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This man is pregnant for one day - and fails reasonably

He may try for a day what it's like to be pregnant
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / The Holderness Family

As a man pregnant: It starts to walk by the stairs ...

Would mankind become extinct if men had to carry the children? This video gives the impression! Because this man is only one day pregnant - and suffers extremely!

The Holderness family is now known for their YouTube videos. Two years ago, the father of the family Penn Holderness was artificially experiencing labor pains - to alert them to what women actually do and endure.

Penn's wife, Kim, has now ordered an artificial abdominal abdomen on the internet so her husband can try out what it's like to be a high-priced pregnant woman.

The stomach is made more difficult with plenty of water, in addition a few hard weights come in, because such a baby is not as yielding as water ...

It is wonderful to watch!

Immediately after putting on his abdomen, Penn meets his first obstacle (in 3:10): It was difficult to climb the stairs to find a bigger and wider shirt. But the stairs run down again! How does it work? He decides to walk backwards ...

His solution, as he gets his shoes out of the low-lying drawer, is also quite creative - but his wife Kim rightly comments that she does not believe that this is necessarily the safest way ...

Driving, picking up toys, even sleeping on your back ... Penn discovers obstacles that he never expected.

Again and again, he asks in horror: "Was that too difficult for you when you were pregnant?" and "Did you really have to do that too?"

Kim once admits: As a woman, you have a little time to prepare for it, because your stomach is growing slowly. Penn is now in the ninth month pregnant.

Watch the video right now and be happy with us, how a man experiences a pregnancy:

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