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This man did not drink water for 3 years

Okay, 3 liters a day is utopian for most people, but it's clear to everyone that you should drink as much as possible. Peter Filak says, "That's not true." He has been drinking water for 3 years and feels great.

Peter Filak refuses to drink
Photo: youtube

Pennsylvania-based Peter Filak, a trained nurse and casual model, stops drinking. Not because he suffers from a disease or does not like water. He simply does not believe in the principle of hydrogenation. Yes, right heard: Filak does not believe that humans need to drink water. But not only that. Even his bitch does not get a drop of water from him.

How does this work? The self-proclaimed nutrition guru lives on fruits and vegetables. He consumes around 800 to 1000 calories a day. Water is not on the menu. With his dog he undertakes long walks. Before that there are apples and bananas for him and kiwi or carrots for them.

Why is he doing this? Filak wants to be 150 years old and fight against his self-diagnosed fast food addiction. Granted: quite crazy. The 26-year-old has already written several books about his waterless lifestyle.

How does his diet and his refusal to liquid really affect his health, to this Filak says nothing. What he notes in himself: "I do not sweat and do not smell."

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