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This old clothes finder is something very special

Stuffed into some bag and thrown away carelessly - that's how it is with most old clothes. Cheap bought and little worn: Many owners are no longer hanging on the old parts. Things went quite differently for a bridal gown, which employees of an English clinic found in their clothing donations.

This wedding dress has a touching message
Photo: Facebook

Almost the little note that a loving husband had attached to the dress was lost, and with it also his moving message:

"I wish the woman who wears this dress a happy life with her sweetheart, just like me for 56 happy years, I was blessed to marry a lady like mine."

This love message is just heartbreaking! That's what the employees of St.Gemma's Hospice thought and posted the donation on their website to find the loving husband. And meanwhile the man was found too.

The staff at the hospital posted on their website, "He's a big fan of the hospital and we thank him for the generous donation." Meanwhile, the vintage bridal gown on Ebay was sold. The proceeds went to the hospital. A really romantic story.


Desperately seeking the child gentleman who donated this one-off classic vintage dress to our Garforth bridal and occasion wear charity shop. If you have any details please contact us ...

Posted by St Gemma's Hospice Charity Shops on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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