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This Vierlingsmutter could not believe her eyes after the birth

Miranda and her husband Josh already had a daughter. But still her dearest wish was more offspring.

Pregnant with quadruplets (symbol)
Photo: Istock

But because it did not work out, Miranda was artificially fertilized. And after only six weeks she was pregnant and the joy of the expectant parents was great. And that fourfold: Miranda should get quadruplets.

The pregnancy went well. But at birth something happened that astonished not only Miranda, but also the attending physicians. At the 34th week Miranda gave birth to the quadruplets. And when she saw her for the first time, it was immediately clear: They are each two identical twins. Unmistakable on the faces of the children. Because these are the same for every two of the four babies.

May we introduce you? Here comes twin couple number 1 of the quadruplets

And here come their identical brothers and sisters. The similarity is really clear.

Even Miranda's doctor said, "That's not happened to him in his entire career." And although the little quadruplets are something very special, for Miranda and Josh only counts, that all children are healthy.

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