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These tights and leggings make you slim

Autumn is here and we feel like skirts and dresses again. And the great thing about the combo skirt or dress and tights is that you can cheat wonderfully. Many tights have a shaping effect that cheats down 5 kilos.

Tights can cheat slim
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How exactly does Shapingwear work?

Fishnet tights with shaping effect give legs and bottom support thanks to fibers and their composition. The fibers are reinforced in important places, so that the important places are lifted and others are laminated.

Many women are afraid that shapingwear could be uncomfortable. Through modern fibers, figure-modeling tights and leggings cling to the body.

Important: Never buy the tights too small, because this will cause the shaping wear to cut. Thus, love handles are emphasized rather than concealed.

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With these 5 tips, you look even slimmer in pantyhose

1. Dark colors may appear slimmer. But it does not always have to be black. Try dark blue or a dark green tone. The colors spice up a black skirt or dress.

2. Avoid transparent, shiny tights. That reminds with sturdy legs always a bit of sausage in Pelle. If it should be a tights in the skin tone, then prefer to use a matte variant.

3. Tights made of wool, with knit look or knitwear look comfortable, but unfortunately wear. Better a thick tights without wool look, because that makes the leg appear slimmer.

4. Patterns should be better avoided with a strong leg. Because they make the area of ​​the leg appear larger.

5. The leg looks particularly stretched when you choose skirt or dress and tights in one color. this extends the upper body visually.