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This plus size ad is just offensive

bergro e dresses, loose pants and dark colors

Huh, this ad looks really weird

- For too long, it has been difficult for oversized women to buy something nice to wear. There is now a large market for plus-size clothing. Now an Asian ad for plus-size fashion shocks with impossible pictures.

Obesity is no longer a problem. On the contrary, women stand by their curves and Plus-Size is no reason to hide. Models like Tess Holliday show it: Overweight is quite normal in our society. One may stand for that, as one would like. However, an Asian ad for extra sizes spans the bow.

Let's assume: A normal-weight woman, a stretch oversized pants and put them in one of the trouser legs for promotional purposes . The perhaps unintentional message is obvious: A thin woman fits twice in her pants.

For a company that wants to sell plus size trousers, this may not be the right message. Surely there are ways to present the oversized pants more appealing and less discriminating.

Incidentally, the pants were found on An online store that sells remnants in China.

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