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This mother had to make an impossible decision

Mother and son survived the snake bite well.
Photo: Screenshot / WHNT News 19

Snakebite: frightening end to a family outing

A mother does everything for her child. Even snake venom. That's exactly what this woman did when her son was bitten by a rattlesnake.

It should be an idyllic walk in the countryside. But it was rural nature that put a stop to Jaclyn Caramazza and her four-year-old son. The trip ended in the hospital.

The reason for this are two small red dots that Jaclyn Caramazza discovers at the foot of her son. Shortly before this had stepped on a young rattlesnake. This bit too. Although it was still a young animal, the boy's foot swelled in no time. The poison had already spread within a few seconds in the entire leg.

When the boy's mother notices the change, she does not hesitate for a moment. Immediately she begins to suck the snake venom out of her son's foot . But that does not only put her in danger. Jaclyn Caramazza is very pregnant.

In the hospital, however, the family can breathe again: the snake venom has not passed to the mother and her unborn child. Even the four-year-old son can be saved and recover from the bite. Experts explicitly warn against sucking poison from a bite itself. If you are bitten by a snake, it is more important to drive to the hospital and treat the wound.

The excursion will be remembered by the family for a long time - because of the serpent bite and the realization that mothers would do anything for their child in an emergency situation.

This mother also does everything for her child. However, she does not suck out any poison - she makes it famous on the internet instead.