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These five things repent the dying most

An important message: always stay optimistic!
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Oh, I only have! Nothing is more painful than regretting something. The Australian knows Bronnie Ware only too well. As a nurse, she has cared for terminally ill patients in their last weeks for decades - and what she learns from the dying during this time goes as a reminder to us all ! Because many asked themselves at the end of their lives: What would I do differently in retrospect? The answers are amazing - and are extremely thoughtful ...

Here are the five things that dying people most often regret before they die :

1. I wish I did not live my life according to the ideas of others.

Bronnie says on her blog : "People are most sorry about that. Many did not even realize half of their dreams. They had to die and knew that it was up to decisions they did not make. Health gives people freedom, which many only realize when they are no longer there. "

2. I wish I had not worked so hard.

The nurse states, "That's what every male patient I used to say. They have missed the youth of their children and have not taken enough time for togetherness with the partner. Also, some women have regretted that, but because many patients belonged to the older generation, they did not have to earn the bread in their lives. All the men I used have deeply regretted having spent so much time in the treadmill of the working world. "

3. I wish I had had more courage to express my feelings.

This is not just about the missed opportunity to confess his love to someone. But also to all the trouble that the terminally ill in the course of their lives - the peace will - swallowed. "Many have become ill because of this bitterness and remorse, " says the sister.

4. I wish I had more contact with my friends.

At the end of his life, many patients realized how important friendships were to them. Bronnie says, "Many were so busy with their own lives that they neglected loved ones over the years. Many deeply regret that they have lost contact with their friends . Anyone who dies misses his friends. "

5. I wish I had enjoyed my luck more!

Many patients have confessed to Bronnie that they were only mumbling during life. There was luck in her hand! Bronnie knows: "The fear of change made them pretend to others and to themselves that they are satisfied, even if they longed deeply inside to laugh properly and to be really silly."

How sad that we are often aware of the true value of life when it is too late! Bronnie says, "What matters in the end should be the most important thing during life." And she's right!

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