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The real consequences for tight clothing

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What we do to our body with too tight clothing

The skinny jeans as tight as possible, the stomach as flat as possible, raised the breasts as possible. Often, many of our garments are not too tight. But: The consequences are dangerous. As also prove these photos.

Germany is a developing country - at least in terms of bra. Most women do not know the right size for them . And that not only pinches, but can have bad consequences. Too tight or too narrow carrier can squeeze the nerve cords in the neck and lead to severe headache. Ausgeleierte specimens sometimes cause even postural damage. And that's not just the bra. Incredible trousers, tight lingerie, skimpy shoes or tightly laced corsets are not only uncomfortable, they also leave marks - and lasting damage .

The consequences of too tight clothing have now been revealed by the American photographer Justin Alexander Bartels with his series "Impression" . And looking at his pictures, we ask ourselves: Why are we actually doing this? Skinny pants easily pinch the nerves in the pelvic area, resulting in numbness and burning sensation. If the collar is too tight, the intraocular pressure may increase. The body reacts with headache, dizziness or blurred vision. Too tight shoes favor misalignments like the hammer toe. Belly-away panties press the stomach acid upwards. This can lead to heartburn. Should we continue? Instead, we prefer to draw the following conclusion: If you once again have a piece of clothing in your hand that looks good, but jams: Get away with it!

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