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The eyelashes of this woman are stuck with a strange liquid - what the doctor discovers is just disgusting

Simply awful: Even eyelashes can be affected by this infestation!
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Glued eyes can have a terrible cause

Attention! This video is not for the faint of heart!

What doctors have now found between the eyelashes of a Chinese woman is really disgusting! The woman complained of itchy and irritated eyes, finally forming a sticky secretion between the eyelashes. The woman finally went to the doctor. Under the microscope they discovered DAS here:

Baaaah! LICE!!!! The small black dots between the patient's eyelashes really turned out to be lice!

We remember: lice are parasitic insects that live on the blood of their hosts. When sucking, they spit saliva into the resulting bite wound, so that the blood does not clot. This saliva causes the itching. The sticky secretion is the liquid with which the lice stick their eggs. Ugh!

To remove lice from the lashes, it is important to prevent the lice from breathing by applying a greasy ointment such as Vaseline. Then the hair is plucked with tweezers. What a horrible idea!

How to protect yourself from lice

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