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The TV models at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

They did it - at least in Berlin

It is said that the candidates of "Germany's Next Top Model", "The Perfect Model" & Co. could not make a career in the real fashion business. We present: Anika Scheibe, Luisa Hartema and even more TV models who have made it from the casting cosmos to the reallife runway.

"In the future, every 15 minutes will be famous, " Andy Warhol said in 1968. As if he had anticipated something from the Klum'schen casting show and other formats. Why does everyone want to be a supermodel for a short time - and what comes next?

Seven seasons "Germany's Next Top Model" with 20 top girls each. Power 140. One season "The Perfect Model" with another 20 wannabes and ten potential catwalk ladies on the less successful show "Million Dollar Shooting Star" . All in all, the German young fashion industry is taking stock with around 170 flash celebrities.

On the other side: the girls who model so that they can live off it. From the previous seasons of the various television formats, only a few have done so. The others continued their studies, did their Abi, or at most turned away for a men's magazine.

In the gallery we show the models who never hear the phrase "Unfortunately, I do not have a photo for you" at Fashion Week . At least not in Berlin .