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The summer color white is combined three times differently

Variant 1 - white plus red
Photo: Living idea

White plus color

White forms the optimal basis. Whether a room is alive, quiet or fresh, controls the second tone - we show the strongest duos.

White and red - this couple makes you happy. The fire color sprays with energy, but requires sensitivity in the dosage. Our tip: Choose shades of white as the basis and the awakening red as an accent

The cheerful color combination in detail

White with natural tones - this combo grounds, calms and relaxes. Because colors like sand and cream are proven harmony experts. Nice change: Interesting structures occupy the view.

This soothing combi in detail

White plus green - this duo is the master of balance: green looks as relaxing as a forest walk, white refreshes like clear air. Advantage: Most greens harmonize naturally with each other.

The color combination in detail