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The most beautiful songs that connect you to your mother

A song connects you to Mother's Day?
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Do you have a very special song with your mother? We have the 45 most beautiful mother-daughter songs

Your mom is simply the best, greatest, most beautiful and smartest mother in the world? Then spend Mother's Day with her! And maybe you also have a common song that connects you or reminds you of a very special moment? Then he is certainly in the Deezer playlist of the 45 most beautiful Mother's Day songs.

"Mom, you should not cry for your boy, " Heintje sang. And also the Spice-Girls have delivered a classic with "Mama" . But there are many more songs that are perfect for Mother's Day. And they do not always have to be emotional. Maybe you just feel like dancing your mom to "Hey Mama" by David Guetta through the day, or waking up old memories with your mom with "Mama, I'm coming home" by Ozzy Osbourne.

Surely your mom will be happy if you visit her on Mother's Day, go on a trip with her, or just send her the Mama Playlist. Because with music you can say many things better than words. And this playlist also tells your mum : "Mom, you're the best!"

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