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The most beautiful cardigans to cuddle up

A cardigan is great for the spring
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The cardigan is my absolute favorite piece for spring. Slip in and feel good!

Spring is coming: We believe in it. And what we like in winter, we can take with us in the spring. For example, a great cardigan . Because in the spring it can also be worn as a coatigan . Yes, exactly, read correctly: The Coatigan is a mix of cardigan and the English word for coat "Coat" . So a cardigan that is thick enough so you can wear it in the spring as a coat.

What could be better than to wind up in a thick cardigan, drinking tea and reading a book. But many cardigans are too much to wear at home. That's why we simply wear our favorite cardigans this spring as a coat.

Style Tip: If you can not button up your cardigan, just take a belt and tie the jacket like a trench coat.

And cardigan is not the same cardigan, if you plan on wearing your cardigan as a coat, then it may cost a little more. A cardigan made of wool, alpaca or mohair also warms you when the spring temperatures are not so warm.

If you are still looking for the right Coatigan for the spring, you will find it here

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