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The perfect table decoration for Mom's birthday

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Your mother's birthday and deserves a very special birthday table - how about this table decoration.

With a photo of the past, nostalgic lace doilies and homemade things will bring back nice memories.

Retro charm:

How magical are these packaging !

Idea 1: The wrapping paper is a page copied from a flower picture book, over which a layer of parchment is laid. Pretty to it: a band decorated with flowers .

Idea 2: Cut two pieces of fabric about ten centimeters larger than the present. Place this between the layers, sew all around and cut the edges with the zigzag shear. Decorate with ribbon and name tag.

Idea 3: Wrap up the gift and wrap it with yarn. Add a few drops of sealing wax, press in the seal and let it dry.

Idea 4: Glue a black and white photo onto a card and sew a lace border to the side. Stick on the yarn and decorate with a seal at the end.

Dining table, approx. 387 €: Octopus. Napkin, about 5 €: Garnier-Thieba ut

Behind glass

For the arrangement, cut the gypsophila, nigella, dahlias and barnacles and place them in vases filled with water.

Vase (front), about 4 €: depot. Candlesticks, about 10 €:

Naughty fruits

Sometimes the simple things are the best: prepare vanilla pudding according to package instructions, fill in tartlets and refrigerate in the fridge. Cut the figs and place them on the tartlets together with fresh blueberries and raspberries. Arrange on a cake plate and dust with powdered sugar. Good Appetite!

Cake plate, about 56 €: Car. Sugar bowl, about 7 €:

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