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The new low carb diet: 1 dress size in 3 weeks

The secret of Low Carb Di t: You do not have to do without anything! Start from 16 o'clock on egg-rich foods.
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  1. Delicious, healthy and effective
  2. The 16 o'clock shopping list of the Low Carb Di t
  3. The low carb diet tip

Delicious, healthy and effective

Are you tired of paying attention to what you eat every day? Understandable, because nothing is more unmotivating than to ban everything. Reason enough to introduce you to a new low carb diet concept, which takes only half of the day.

Start at 16 o'clock The new low carb diet allows all foods listed on the shopping list (see below) within the next four hours. In what form, does not matter. Best: in the afternoon a homemade shake (see diet tip) and in the evening z. B. one of our protein recipes. Or you become creative yourself. The protein-containing foods of the low carb diet in the second half of the day pushes the burning of fat to peak performance.

From 20 clock Now it is only liquid and no more food, which your body too busy to record - because at night he should have time to regenerate. With the additional fluid, the organism can better transport and metabolize vital substances. The effect: You feel like newborn and easily lose extra pounds!

The 16 o'clock shopping list of the low carb diet

Fish and meat products

Fish (eg tilapia, salmon, tuna), turkey breast / breast, beef, pork fillet and escalope, minced meat (beef steak, ground beef), ham (salmon ham, boiled ham)

Dairy products

Yoghurt (1.5% fat), low-fat quark, cheese (Emmentaler, Parmesan), cottage cheese, milk (low-fat), buttermilk


Lentils and peas, flaxseed, almonds, peanuts (unsalted), vegetables of all kinds, oatmeal, banana

The Low Carb Diet Tip

Protein Shake

To quench your afternoon hunger, play bartender and shake yourself a delicious drink. Important: It must contain about 150 g protein (cottage cheese, buttermilk, quark), carbohydrates (about 2 teaspoon oatmeal or 1/2 banana) and fats (about 2 teaspoons of flaxseed or nuts). Perfect: puree 150 g of lean quark, 80 g of banana, 2 teaspoons of almonds and if necessary, stir with a little buttermilk until smooth.