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The Low Carb Diet: More protein and fat

Inventor of the low carb diet is the American diet pioneer Robert Atkins.

In the Atkins diet, also called low-carb diet, you may even enjoy the actual "fattening" cream
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  2. Low Carb Diet: Lunch
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Therefore, the low-carb diet is also referred to as Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins set in the 70s on no, or little carbohydrates (English: low carb). He recommended eating more protein and fat.

In the case of the Atkins, or low-carb diet, carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta, bread, and potatoes should be avoided because they are considered "fattening". You can eat unlimited fish, eggs, sausage, bacon and cream. This is because the low- carbohydrate diet assumes that our body's carbohydrate needs are very high so it can burn fat. But as long as there are no carbohydrates that use the fat, it does not start. Important in this diet is that a lot is drunk. Even alcohol is allowed, you do not need to count calories. Studies show that weight loss is faster in the first weeks and months than in a low-fat diet.

It can not be denied, however, that high-fat foods contain negative impurities. Cholesterol along with animal fats can lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Those who opt for the low carb diet à la Atkins, the body also far too little vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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Low Carb Diet: Breakfast

Not very varied: how about scrambled eggs? Or scrambled eggs with bacon? Or fried egg? Or a hard-boiled egg?

Low Carb Diet: Lunch

Also at noon no carbohydrates are allowed. Instead, meat is on the menu. Forbidden are side dishes such as rice, potatoes or noodles. Vegetables are allowed only in very small quantities.

Low Carb Diet: Dinner

Also for dinner the variety left a lot to be desired. If you do not feel like eating meat again, you can switch to cheese or cottage cheese.


  • fast weight loss
  • anyway: not recommended
  • If you still decide for a low carb diet, you should fall back on attenuated variants, such as the South Beach diet, which was rated by "├ľkotest" (Issue 02/2005) after all, with "sufficient".