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The Cave of the Lions: Who is your jury favorite?

From left to right: Vuralger, Judith Williams, Frank Thelen, Lencke Wischhusen and Jochen Schweizer.
Photo: VOX / Bernd-Michael Maurer
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Now your vote counts. Tell us which of the five jury members from the VOX program 'The Cave of the Lions' is your favorite.

In the TV show 'The Cave of the Lions' it's the five jury members who decide on success or defeat. But today it is the jury itself, which is at the center of the vote, because we want to know about you: who is your favorite member of the jury?

The TV show 'The Cave of the Lions' has been running on VOX since mid-August. Every Tuesday evening, ambitious and inventive founders have the opportunity to present their business idea to a selected jury. If the concept comes up, the successful companies are investing - their own capital. Each jury member decides for himself how much money should be invested in the respective project. In return for the investment that will give the necessary impetus, often either company shares or royalties are set. If you can not convince the jury, unfortunately, it will be empty.

This is the jury of the TV show

The jury of 'The Cave of the Lions' is not home to anyone but a group of five internationally successful entrepreneurs. Jury member Jochen Schweizer is known for having discovered the world of experience gifts. Vural Öger, on the other hand, founded the package tourism in Turkey with his company Öger-Tours. With Judith Williams sits the most successful home shopping entrepreneur in Europe in the jury of 'The Cave of the Lions'. Frank Thelen, in turn, has successfully become an internet investor with his KaufDa and Wunderlist projects and is an expert on online startups in the jury. Jury member Lenck Wischhusen represents the 'Next Generation' of women entrepreneurs and heads the Bremen-based family company W-Pack Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG in the second generation.

Now you decide!

Usually it's the jury members who make the decisions, but now it's your turn. We would like to know who your favorite member of the top-class jury of the TV highlight 'The Cave of the Lions' is. Vote now!