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The Geissens: Our love secret - bickering and more often a new cabinet

The seventh season of the cult documentary Die Geissens - A Terribly Glamorous Family is currently running (RTL II, mo., 8:15 pm). As usual, the Cologne-based family shows off their jetset routine every day.

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In parallel, Carmen Geiss (49) whirled over Let's Dance Parquet (RTL, Fri, 8:15 pm).

In the WEEK TODAY interview Carmen and Robert (50) reveal their life behind the scenes.

If you have earned so much money - you have to be careful that you do not become too wasteful ?

Carmen: No, first, we know where we're from. Second, the money is hard earned. We were thrifty at the time, still today.

Do not you always see great things and in no time the closets full?

She: No, we live in our circumstances rather than above.

Robert: Since we have money, the cupboards have naturally become fuller over the years. If we buy something new, we should always sort out something old, but then the separation is usually difficult.

So you prefer to buy a few cabinets instead of eliminating them?

He: That's exactly what I did. If nothing fits in, we just buy a new cabinet. Have you changed by the wealth?

She: No way! He: We got some gray hair. You: A few wrinkles have also been added ...

The money aristocracy has many snobs and blenders on the way. How do you keep those from the neck?

He: After almost 20 years on the Côte d'Azur you get a look for it. There are people dancing in the beach clubs with champagne bottles on the tables, and next year they are not there anymore because the shop did not run.

Does not this whole party turmoil sometimes get on your nerves?

She: There is no party in Monaco because we have our normal family life there.

He: A party lasts exactly as long as you stay there, so far, we do not even go there, then there is no party.

Looking at your documentary soap makes you feel like your whole life is just a party!

He: That only reflects a part of our lives. Our children are going to school all week. On Fridays we drive to our weekend house in St. Tropez. We lead a normal family life.

How important is harmony for you in life?

She: Very important. It is absolutely necessary for me to have a happy relationship.

What do you do when you are depressed?

She: Then I love to drive by car along the Côte d'Azur while listening to music.

He: I lie down in the morning for half an hour in the hammock and then get up again without depression.

She: My husband is always in a good mood.

He: Or I quarrel with my wife. Maybe tell her she has to mow the lawn. Something comes to mind how I can annoy her. Then I'm in a good mood again!

Who has the last word for you?

You: Everyone.

He: Me!

She I! Girl Power?

You: Yes, sure.

Robert, you turned 50. And you, Carmen?

He: Carmen is 60. She: Robääärt! I am 49!

To avoid a thunder storm after this teasing, Robert is now particularly charming - suddenly there are only tenderness and love between the two.

"I have a young woman, although not a 25-year-old, but definitely a woman who is younger, " he whispers.

Carmen explains, "We can laugh at trifles, just look at each other to know what the other one is going to say, you can not play a harmonious pair, that's all real!"

In twenty years of marriage, Robert and Carmen were almost always together. That's why they are annoyed about false separation rumors.

But do not you need a retreat, each one for yourself? "No, " says Carmen. And Robert adds: "My wife has it when she has her hair curlers in the barber shop twice a week!"

Last question: what is important in life? Carmen: For me, the most important things in the world are family and health. If I can annoy her, I'm in a good mood again "