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The hairstyles of pink

Hairstyles of the stars: Pink

For her, the name says it all: Pink became known for his neon pink hairdo. But the punk pop singer does not like it monotonous.

The hairstyles of pink
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She likes to experiment with different colors and cuts. We show Pink's coolest hair styles.

Even as a happy mom pink is in the heart and thanks to her super-short hairstyle still rocker, which also stands for hairstyles to their beginnings. For in 2000, the singer with the neon pink-colored Wuschelkopf and the single "There You Go" known and managed at the latest with the album "M! Ssundaztood" in Germany the big breakthrough.

The coolest hairstyles by Pink are shown in the gallery (15 pictures).

Since then, she attracts a lot of attention with unusual hairstyles. More than ten years later, she is a mother for the first time, but not a bit calmer - at least as far as her hair is concerned. After her breakthrough, Pink re-invented herself in 2003 and surprised at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles with a black short hairstyle. To switch to a completely different hair color just a few months later: platinum blonde. And the three-time Grammy winner stayed that way for many years.

Nevertheless, boredom never came up, because every now and then she packed color accents in pink and blue. But even a punk rocker will grow up at some point, and so Pink showed up again and again with elegant looks. One of our favorite looks: the asymmetric curly hair that Pink wore to the American Music Awards 2008 in Los Angeles.

Pink rocks again

Quite the singer did not want to put off the rocker look, though, and kept coming up with punky short hairstyles. To present her comeback after the baby break at the beginning of July 2012, Pink returned to her trademark and pepped up the short hair with pink strands. The mane sometimes fuzzy, sometimes elegant with great, she wants to blow off with "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" again.

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