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The wife of the president

The wife of the president

Curtis Sittenfeld


How is it to be a first lady? You are not born into this role and there is no guidance for it. This must also notice the young school librarian Alice, as her husband Charlie Blackwell candied for the office of President.

Alice had first to the republican joking Charlie and had it as a serious Democrat already hard enough to prevail in the relationship. When her husband also wins the presidency and Alice suddenly rises to First Lady, begins for her a life role that she had never sought. Her own personality collides with the image that is expected in public. The relationship with her husband is no longer only private and Alice often does not represent the opinion that her husband publicly duchsetzt. Alice's life is full of contradictions and doubts. Which soul in her breast should she choose?

The book "The Lady of the President" by Curtis Sittenfeld accompanies Alice in her involuntary rise to First Lady. It shows the reality in the White House and the people behind the offices as they deal with their problems and tasks. The novel was inspired by the life story of an American First Lady. Thus, author Curtis Sittenfeld succeeds in capturing the role of presidential spouse against the background.

Title: The Woman Of The President (Hardcover)

Author: Curtis Sittenfeld, Gesine Schröder (Translator), Carina Tessari (Translator)

Publisher: Aufbau-Verlag

ISBN: 3351032684

Release Date: 23.07.2009

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