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The color of the dayA day of color red

Today was one of those days when I simply did not want to leave my warm bed. A look outside told me that it had snowed in the night, because everything I saw was covered in a powdery layer.

Red berries covered with frost on a tree in my street
Photo: iStock // JoolsBerlin

It would be cold, very cold. But, as it happens, getting up, as in most cases, has become an indispensable thing - unless it's the weekend. So I straightened up and swung my legs out of bed with a more or less supple movement. Done!

After a vitamin-rich breakfast from my favorite red bowl and a strong coffee, I felt ready to take on the winter cold. Said and done!

A few meters from my front door, yesterday opened a small but very fine Christmas market. The smell of roasted almonds and many other goodies immediately struck my nose. I love Christmas markets and all the sweets there are. But among all the beautifully decorated stalls with candles and hot mulled wine on offer, I was delighted, as every year, most about the sight of love apples. Probably this preference comes from childhood days. At that time love apple, cotton candy & Co. were my absolute favorites, and could not be missing during a visit to Christmas markets or the hype.

On my way to work, a former neighbor came to meet me. She wore a beautiful red coat that matched her dark complexion perfectly. I wondered if he would be so good to me as well, because I had been flirting with buying a red coat for the dreary winter days. We talked for a while and talked about the most important events. At the end we agreed to meet for a quick after-work drink.

Arriving at work, I was pleased to see the delicious cake pops my colleague had baked for us on her birthday. That must have been a lot of work. To press her and wish her well, I walked over to her and took one of the cake pops on my way back to my desk. At the delicious pastry with red icing I just could not pass.

Faster than I could see, the day flew by and I found myself at home on my couch with a hot cup of tea that my friend had cooked for me. And of course it was a red Christmas tea that smelled wonderfully of spices.

After my day was apparently red, I decided to give my old favorite snuggle jacket new life for the winter. It should be tulip red, because I like red tulips so much and I like this shade of red very much. With the Dylon textile paint Tulip Red, I put my plan into action and soon conjured a bright red from a washed-out white. The jacket looked like new, which made me all the more happy because it was my favorite jacket for a long time Hours on the sofa.

And so you can give your clothes according to whim and mood simply new color!