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The bride at the accident: Woman helps with rescue operation

It is a wedding photo of a different kind: The bride spontaneously helps in an accident when the picture is taken.
Photo: Montgomery County, Tennessee

Bride becomes a spontaneous helper at the scene of the accident

She is on her way to her wedding reception when the paramedic learns of an accident. Immediately, the bride rushes to the rescue and becomes the heroine in the wedding dress at the scene of the accident.

A woman is standing on the street. Her hair is elegantly tailored and she wears a strapless, white dress that she gently lifts to protect her from the wet road. It is a newlywed wife in her wedding dress, which can be seen in the picture. Nevertheless, it is a terrible photo, because in the background fire and ambulance can be seen. The heroic bride's photo of an accident site is now going around the world.

The bride's name is Sarah Ray, so she certainly had not imagined her wedding. For a long time, she was looking forward to the day when she was finally to take her friend Paul as a husband. First of all, everything goes according to plan - in the Clarksville Grace Church, the two are married, then it should go on to the official celebration with friends and family.

But just minutes after the marriage, the bride receives a terrible phone call. Their relatives are in an accident on the way to the wedding reception . A vehicle was over a red light and drove directly into the car in which sat Sarah's father and grandparents. Paul and Sarah, who are both paramedics, do not hesitate for a second - they make their way to the accident site to help.

Fortunately, all involved are only slightly injured . When Sarah's grandmother sees the bride at the scene of the accident, her biggest concern is having her granddaughter's wedding destroyed. But Sarah and Paul take the incident calm. For them, it was a normal working day - they are glad that their family survived the accident well. Being a paramedic is not just a job for the couple - it's a way of life. They would rush to help again and again, whether in a wedding dress or work clothes.

So it comes to the slightly different wedding photos, the bride Sarah now make known worldwide. Nevertheless, there seems to be no more appropriate record of their relationship: Sarah and Paul met five years ago while working as paramedics. Even on their wedding day, they now showed themselves to be a perfect team.

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Posted by Montgomery County, Tennessee on Friday, October 9, 2015