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The best skirts in wind & weather

Volant-Rock in Wolloptik with darts on the waistband. From Tommy Hilfiger on, about 139 Euro.
Photo: Manufacturer

Blown by the wind? Not with us!

A nasty gust and you show more than you like? Then it is a storm attack sovereign overplay or equal to put on skirts that defy wind & weather. Here: The beautiful anti-wind shock models to buy.

Flying seams, flowing skirts and embarrassing revelations make life difficult for us in stormy times. Only a gust of wind cunningly creeping under the hem of the skirt, and our A-line skirt literally flies around our ears.

A Marilyn Monroe moment? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! When the butt is exposed, it looks neither graceful nor sexy. Because we do not react with a rapt camera smile, but with panic and hectic movements. And while we try with our hands to pay attention and to keep the rock in the bridle, nature laughs in the windy fist. Stop, not with us!

When the wind blows around the nose at speeds of 75 km / h, we can either do without skirts (buuuh!) Or simply choose a model that defies wind and weather. Our tip: Deep-seated voluptuous spaces are not just a trend in the winter of 2014, they also provide style during the storm. Bonus: They are great for the job and after work style. Our suggestions are above to click through.