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The Amaryllis enchants our home

We do not want to give up the beautiful Amaryllis in winter

The star of winter returns

Imposing and proud - this is how the Amaryllis presents itself. With her graceful shape she creates a homely feeling and is very popular again every year.

The Amaryllis, which heralds the Christmas season with its star-shaped flower in this country, finds its origin in very warm climes - in South and Central America as well as in the Caribbean . The symmetrical stalk of Amaryllis is crowned by regular, large flowers, so it is not surprising that pride is her symbolism. Nevertheless, it does not seem cold, but spreads a homelike flair in shades of white, cream, red, pink and orange.

A particularly striking species is the Amaryllis "Magic Green" . It has cream-colored petals with a touch of green and fine red stripes, which weaken from the inside out, their flowers appear even bigger and deeper. Combined with winter-flowering witch hazel branches, also called witch hazel, this simple ensemble expresses the elegance of winter .

Care tips for the Amaryllis

Up to two weeks, the Amaryllis holds in the vase. Your stems should be cut at an angle for maximum durability and the vase should be clean. Ideally positioned is an amaryllis composition in a cool location without draft . For the extra long shine, cut flower food for onion flowers should be added to the water. Well looked after, the joy of the flower keeps you extra long.