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The trimmed truth: blatant before-after!

This photo illustrates the power of make-up. Or is there perhaps more behind it?
Photo: Youtube / Screenshot

Over 7 million people have already watched this video

To look at a woman when removing make-up, sounds anything but exciting at first. Why do more than 7 million people do it anyway? Because the before-and-after effect is just awesome.

Gephotoshopte Selfies, XXL-lips and the cheating trend Contouring : With all these more or less effective extreme "Schoenmachern" one would think that make-up could probably soon have had its day. No way! Because when you see this video, it becomes clear which optical power eyeshadow, lipstick & Co. have over our appearance. A real viral hit, after all, more than 7 million people have already watched the clip, in which a South Korean literally hides her face. And there are more every hour!

The video shows a fully made-up woman at the beginning: Expressive cat-eye eyeliner, strikingly contoured eyebrows, an even porcelain finish and a rosy, full pouty mouth. A cotton pad and a few drops of make-up later, half of the face shows up completely without make-up. The naked truth becomes clear above all in direct comparison with the still made-up page. The eyes appear much smaller, their brows are lighter and finer, the complexion darker. The whole transformation shows the video: