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The 6 funniest Instagram videos of the stars

Funny Instagram videos

Whether in bikini, evening dress on the red carpet or unadorned in bed: The stars love to present themselves on Instagram. The fact that this not only perfectly staged images come out, but also extremely funny videos, prove these 6 celebrities.

Funny stars
Photo: @chrissyteigen on Instagram, @legelcke on Instagram, @lisa__official on Instagram

Laughter is healthy, everyone knows that. Some Instagram profiles of the stars can be laughed at. Again and again, the celebrities post videos that instantly put a grin on our faces. We picked out the 6 funniest videos of the stars and put them together for you. Have fun!

The 6 funest Instagram videos

Girls of GNTM 2014 do not just model, but also dance in front of their own camera. At least Lisa has no inhibitions here, as this video proves - grimaces included.

Is Lena Gercke working on a singing career? Or would you rather buy a role in the next "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie? The 26-year-old seems to like her high voice in any case.

Another model who also seems to be thinking about a second career is Chrissy Teigen. The Victoria's Secret Angel showed her magic talent in her Instagram video.

Julianne Hough always dances with her family for her Instagram fans. But this video is definitely the funniest to watch.

In this video from March 8, 2014, Jaime King herself does not make a smile on our face, but her little son. Because this laugh is just contagious.

One pose at a time shows Ashley Tisdale in her Instagram video from June 22, 2013. Fortunately, the actress has a lot of self-irony, so we can laugh too.

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