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The 35 best foods for a healthy life

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  1. 35 years bella
  2. Delicious protection against cancer
  3. Keeps heart and mind fit
  4. Plant power for the head
  5. Blood sugar in balance
  6. Keeps digestion going
  7. Makes a good mood
  8. 27. Bananas
  9. 28. Salmon
  10. 29. Beetroot
  11. Small boost to the immune system
  12. To look up

35 years bella

Food keeps body and soul together: Enjoy our best foods from nature, while preventing illnesses - for a healthy life.

Delicious protection against cancer

1. cabbage

No plant species is as rich in anti-cancer agents as cabbage. In the first place are broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Best to eat daily .

2. berries

Raspberries, blueberries and Co. have been shown to defuse free radicals, which are aggressive substances that we absorb from the environment on a daily basis.

3. tomatoes

Lycopene is the active ingredient that makes tomatoes so valuable. He keeps the cells healthy. Especially concentrated in tomato juice, -market and ketchup.

4. Green tea

Tumor cells do not like tea because it contains catechins that inhibit their growth. 3 cups daily.

Keeps heart and vessels fit

5. fish

The fatter, the healthier: The omega-3 fatty acids in fish protect the vessels from dangerous deposits and keep the cholesterol levels in balance. Herring, mackerel and salmon provide particularly good fatty acids.

6. vegetable oil

If you do not like fish, you should get high-quality oils with enough omega-3 fatty acids. The front runners: rapeseed oil, olive oil, linseed oil.

7. Walnuts

The nibbles contain a lot of linolenic acid and thus keep our veins elastic and stable.

8. peaches

The fruits dehydrate and thus relieve the heart muscle.

9. Chocolate

The dark varieties (cocoa content 70%) slightly lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

10. Wheat germ

Ideal supplier of essential minerals, such as magnesium and potassium . They strengthen the heart and ensure a regular pulse.

11. carrots

The dye beta-carotene is not only good for the eyes, but also for the veins, it protects against calcification.

12. Oatmeal

Folate and other nutrients in oats keep homocysteine ‚Äč‚Äčlevels low. This endogenous substance can damage the vessels.

Plant power for the head

13. Lentils

The legume consists of 25 percent protein, which provides us with energy and keeps the blood sugar level constant. An ideal prerequisite for full concentration.

14. Asparagus

Rich in minerals and the amino acid asparagine, which bring the metabolism on trot and also improve the thinking.

15. Pomegranate

The blood-red fruit contains a lot of flavonoids, which are effective "weapons" for our immune system. 100 grams daily keep the brain cells in top condition.

16. Spinach

Rats are particularly smart when they get lots of spinach. Certain enzymes in the vegetables improve memory.

Blood sugar in balance

17. beans

Dietary fiber, an enormous amount of proteins and important nutrients such as iron and folic acid make pulses so healthy. Studies have shown that they keep blood sugar levels constant and even lower them in diabetics.

18. Nuts

If you nibble 5 - 6 nuts daily, your diabetes risk is reduced by 30 percent. Australian researchers also found that the kernels can bring the blood sugar levels back into a healthy balance.

19. Olive oil

The protective effect for the vessels is known, new studies show: The metabolism remains healthy.

20. Apples

Quercetin in apples strengthens insulin receptors in the body, which are the cells responsible for sugar processing.

21. Quinoa

It makes you rich, provides plenty of nutrients and does not drive up your blood sugar: the Inca ice cream is an ideal side dish.

Keeps digestion going

22. Artichoke

The thistle-like vegetables promote fat digestion and relieve the liver with bitter substances.

23. Whole grains

Cereal with its high fiber content keeps the intestines healthy and even protects against tumors.

24. Radish

The big relative of the radish strengthens the liver and lets the digestive juices flow.

25. Sauerkraut

The fermented cabbage provides plenty of lactic acid bacteria and fiber. Good for constipation.

Makes a good mood

26. Avocados

The "butter of the forest" raises the mood with a lot of vitamin D.

27. Bananas

Tryptophan and magnesium are the remedies in the banana - one promotes the production of happiness hormones, the other strengthens the nerves.

28. Salmon

Mental dandruff is often the result of vitamin B deficiency . The fat sea fish supplies mainly B6.

29. Beetroot

Because of the high iron and folic acid content, the red beets are valued in natural medicine as a tonic. This also applies to the psyche.

Small strengthening for the immune system

30. onion

Their sulfur-containing substances are the perfect germ killer. Even tumors are not safe from them.

31. Honey

1 tablespoon of honey daily and you stay healthy - it has been said in ancient times in folk medicine. Could be true, scientists say: they have found that honey can kill bacteria.

32. Citrus fruits

Plenty of vitamin C and plant substances keep the defense fit.

33. garlic

Sulfides are the name given to the most important active ingredients in garlic, which not only provide sharpness and smell: like onions they kill germs.

34. ginger

The sharp substances of the Asian tuber resemble the aspirin active substance ASA and inhibit inflammation.

35. horseradish

The mustard oils in the horseradish irritate our immune system so strong that it runs up to the top form.

To look up

Interesting stories about the most common foods, plus healing information and recipes: Reinhard Eichelbeck: "Health that you can eat The best fitters from A to Z", Bio Ritter Verlag, about 30 euros