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Diddl Maus: Production is discontinued

The kids love the Diddl mouse.
Photo: Press: Depesche
  1. Dispatch issues license
  2. The beginning of a happy nature
  3. Germany in collective fever
  4. Best friend and cuddly toy
  5. memories stay

Dispatch issues license

After 23 years, it's over! The production of the Diddl mouse is discontinued. Greeting card provider Depesche gives his license to inventor Thomas Goletz.

It is the end of an era. The white soft fur, the trollige view, the oversized feet. In day nurseries, nurseries and schoolyards - you could hear the Diddl Mouse everywhere. Now she is dying! At the end of the year, greeting card and gift provider Depesche issues the license for the most famous plush mouse to inventor Thomas Goletz.

The beginning of a happy nature

It must have been August 24, 1990, when the Diddl Mouse saw the light of day. Exact information is hardly. An excerpt from the cheesecake leaf reveals that the Diddl mouse was born as a small, stiff Kängerubaby. Several cosmetic surgeries followed. Why? The cuddle factor was missing. Today she is cuddly soft and fluffy beautiful.

Germany in collective fever

The run started with 24 cards. This was followed by fabric copies and diddl blocks. It was collected and exchanged, which gave the pocket money. A big Diddlblatt against three small ones. A postcard against a middle one. That was then and still is today - almost. Today's diddl leaves smell and postcards glitter. The products around the Käsekuchenland have adapted to our wishes and ideas.

Best friend and cuddly toy

She has dried tears, helped to fall asleep and brought luck. The three-foot-high-fifty mouse was always there when spoken words failed. 'I think of you' or 'I love you very much' - which was hard for many, was the cheerful nature. On postcards and blocks, on satchels and glasses - it did not take long and the Diddl mouse shone with everything that made children's hearts beat faster. And not only that. More and more often, young women were caught trying to dangle a miniature Diddl on bags and rucksacks.

memories stay

Meanwhile, it has become quiet. In the schoolyard Yu-Gi-oh and Pokemon cards are exchanged. In the doll's corner TOPModel hair combed. Even Diddlina, Pimboly and Galuppy can do no more. How to continue now? One does not know. One thing is certain in any case: First, the cute plush mouse will retire to the cheesecake country, meet with his friends and eat one or the other cheese. And if it really should come to her death, then we wish her a tombstone of cheese, a lot of cheese. Rest in peace, dear Diddl .