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The style of Jennifer Lawrence

Star Styles at Check: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood's hottest youngster ever since her starring role in "The Hunger Games". Since the beginning of her career, the actress has changed from a cute schoolgirl to an it-girl.

The style of Jennifer Lawrence
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Ever since "The Hunger Games" started in March 2012, the world is crazy about Jennifer Lawrence and can not get enough of it. As a movie character Katniss Everdeen, the young star has wrapped herself in a fight outfit, but Jennifer likes to show her female side on the red carpet.

The style of Jennifer Lawrence you can see in the gallery (15 pictures)!

Whether ballerinas or high heels, mini dresses or extravagant robe, the 21-year-old actress can of course wear everything and usually looks cool pretty cool. What makes her so likeable: She still remains the all-American girl next door in all glamor, is incredibly down to earth and knits in her spare time like scarves and sweaters.

At the beginning of her career in the California look, the actress liked to show herself with girlish dresses and ballerinas. But meanwhile she has found her own style and discovered her love for elegant designer dresses. However, she does not seem to be experimental: skinny jeans and blazers à la Kate Moss are sought in vain, as are freaky jewelery or individual accessories.

Jennifer Lawrence likes to show herself sexy

A scandalous outfit you have been looking for in vain, because Jennifer Lawrence loves the stylish appearance on the red carpet. Since 2010, she is with the British Nicholas Hoult together and has thus found her own private happiness. Despite her good image she exudes sex appeal. For fashion sensation has the sweet actress in any case, now she has to be more courageous with her outfits.

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