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The best World Cup Kiss 2014

Kissing like the world champions: which kiss was the most beautiful?
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Kiss like the world champions

Lena Gercke and Sami Khedira, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel and Mario Götze - we have the most beautiful kisses of the 2014 World Cup! Our championship heroes in love!

They have given everything - fought and won, cheered and celebrated. Above all, they have one thing in common: kissing and kissing each other - their children, their wives their best friends.

If one deserves it, then our boys. With the redeeming whistle, children and women are no longer on the field. With bright faces they storm the square, fall into their arms and kiss what they can! We have the most beautiful World Cup kisses 2014 .

Above all: Lena Gercke and Sami Khedira. Perhaps the most beautiful World Cup Kiss 2014? Full of enthusiasm, Lena hugs her Sami and kisses him passionately. Khedira's calf problems: forgotten.

Close behind: top scorer Mario Götze and Ann-Kathrin Brömmel . The reward for his winning hit a whole special: a tender kiss from girlfriend Ann-Kathrin. Throughout the World Cup, the handsome lucky charm supports him with cute love messages.

At least as sweet: the kiss of André Schürrle and girlfriend Montana Yorke. Schürrle as Jogis secret weapon: Three goals and the crucial template in the final. A fantastic World Cup, a fantastic kiss - it would have been better for the 23-year-old could hardly run.

A small reward, a timid kisses? Not quite! Mesut Özil is overwhelmed by his Mandy with exuberant kisses. The result: a world champion grin full of red lipstick mouths.

True love exists only among men. And that for over 10 years. Poldi and Schweini - our secret favorites in the Knutsch duel. More world champions is hardly possible!

That they are also happy outside of the square and heart, show these two: Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale in loving joy.

And now it's your turn!