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The Turtleneck: A stylish all-rounder for all occasions

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So you styl the turtleneck this autumn from classic to casual

As a true fashion all-rounder, he is in fashion again this fall: the turtleneck. We are not only ecstatic with its trendy look, but also with its warming qualities. So we have two good reasons to love him and to declare our personal fashion must-have for the cold days. On top he lets us - stylistically sure to use - also look great. We show you how the best piece works best in our 5 styling tips for the 'Rolli'. You can also find many more exciting turtleneck styles at

1. Send with a plate skirt

Whether for coffee in the afternoon or dinner in the evening: The chic combination of cool turtleneck and chic skirt is guaranteed to be a good choice. The beauty of this look: It is wonderfully flexible! Women with slender legs are welcome to grab the short skirt version. Who has something stronger thighs with calf-length models spoiled for choice.

2. Classic under the case dress

In the 60s, Louis Vuitton created this stylish look. Since then, the turtleneck under the case dress is an absolute classic. With a modern interpretation, we now wear heavy boots or sexy overknee boots and eye-catching shoppers for this combo.

3. Casual under the tank top

A lightweight turtleneck and a chic pullover: finished is the casual outfit for the cooler days. Best to use subtle colors like black, white or gray. Delicate pastel shades work well, but always make sure that the look remains ladylike, otherwise the schoolgirl trap beckons and what adult woman would like that.

4. Burjikos for pleated or flared trousers

The combination of turtleneck and pleated trousers is not only super trendy, but also really comfortable. Great men's lace-ups and classic coats work great here. With beautiful accessories like an elegant clutch, the look gets its feminine touch. Also breeches harmonize great with rollis. Always combine boots with a high heel, so that the blow falls better.

You want more inspiration for your turtleneck look, then just have a look here:

You can find all styles on or in the C & A branches.

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