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The classic Sunday roast - the best recipes

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We get inspiration for the timeless classic

The Sunday roast is a classic that many generations before us had on the table. But now it has been replaced by other, fast meals or by the Sunday brunch.

The Sunday roast has the reputation of being old-fashioned and very time-consuming. At home, we rarely dare the classic, we rather eat it in restaurants that have it back on the menu in autumn and winter.

Granted, the preparation of Sunday roast takes a little practice so it does not burn or become tough. But the good news is: the stove does the main work. Once the roast is in the oven, we can relax and enjoy the smell and anticipation of the meal. Would not that be worth a try?

We got inspired by Pinterest and show you the best recipes of the classic Sunday roast.

The classic holiday roast, roast beef with pretzel crust, pork fillet with mushrooms in puff pastry: Delicious recipe ideas to cook guests.

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