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The GNTM lingerie threesome

GNTM models in lingerie

Wow! Three former "girls" by Heidi Klum show up on this sexy photo in chic lingerie.

The GNTM lingerie threesome
Photo: @hananitsche on Instagram
One thing is clear: the "Germany's Next Top Model" girls stick together! That's why Hana Nitsche also shared the hot picture of Rebecca Mir and Aminata Sanogo.

Three ex-GNTM models ran on August 28, 2014 for a fashion show of "Ernsting's Family" in Munich. Hana Nitsche, runner-up Season 2, Rebecca Mir, runner-up sixth, and Aminata Sangogo, ninth-season runner-up, clashed for the sexy lingerie show. Heidi Klum is definitely proud of her three girls.

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By the way: Especially Hana Nitsche caused a lot of talk at the lingerie show. Bad tongues may claim that she has gained a kilo or two. Actresses suspect a pregnancy. But maybe the model has also served just before the show at the buffet. Anyway, we find Hanas female figure very nice to look at and are happy about the GNTM snapshot she shared with us on August 29, 2014 (@hananitsche on Instagram)!

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