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The Burberry scarf is back!

After the show, the models presented themselves with an old classic in a new guise: the Burberry scarf.
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Now the classic shows in a new look

Can it be a small portion of England? With checkered scarfs in the Burberry look, we are prepared for any weather and on top of that royally well-dressed. And at the affordable prices even the Queen would be amused!

At the Burberry Prorsum Show in London, designer Christopher Bailey said he wanted to create "heirlooms" in his Fall / Winter 2015 collection in fashion. Including: embroidered trench coats, elaborate leather accessories and luxurious lambskin coats. But the trend part of the show seems a very old one: the classic Burberry scarf. After the show, the models strolled around in brightly patterned, monogram-embellished plaid shawls, were popped up by street style photographers, apparently triggering the next go-to-hype. Do you remember? Last autumn, Burberry unleashed one of the season's trends with its oversized capes . And now? We have fallen for the slightly stuffy accessory aka Burberry scarf again. And you can easily dust off the image of the piece of plaid fabric! As? We'll reveal below ...

You like a look that calls loud Teatime, Sherlock Holmes and London? Well, then combine the scarf in Burberry look very British with classic pieces of corduroy, tweed or leather. For the advanced: on the catwalk the accessory gets a combination partner in the sixties look - so suede boots, knee-length paisley dresses and fringe coats. Everyday heroes in terms of styling: denim and checks. Same and equal joins with checks but not like! They are loners and unsuitable for a relationship. So never wear more than one plaid part!

And now the best thing about this trend: you do not have to wait until next autumn! Checkered scarves you can already shop now ... and it does not have to be the luxury piece of Burberry. We proudly present: The most beautiful alternatives to the Burberry scarf, starting at 17 euros.

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