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Plan the move properly

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  1. Smooth change of residence
  2. Compare worthwhile
  3. Notice periods and new registration

Smooth change of residence

In recent years, several studies have shown that the Germans have become more relocated. The results of the Federal Institute for Population Research from October 2013 show, for example, that Germans change their place of residence on average up to five times in their lives. While one used to be bound by a house, farm and family for a lifetime in one place, today is the first major change of residence beyond the municipal boundaries before the education and study time. The second move usually follows after completion of the training or study. The most common reasons for relocating from this point on are the relationship with the partner, the job opportunities or simply the desire for a larger and more beautiful apartment.

To make the move as smooth as possible, more and more small and large moving companies are offering their services. When choosing the relocation helpers can help various tips from professionals. Both the cost calculation, the logistics and the time required should be part of the preparation.

Compare worthwhile

If you change your place of residence for professional reasons, the destination is often a big city like Hamburg, Berlin or Munich. In contrast to peripheral residential areas, these agglomerations are rather expensive in terms of the cost of living and services. So if you look for a removal service, a craftsman or an electrician there, you either need good advice or your intuition. Online you have the opportunity to compare different offers, because there are big regional differences.

Living space, number of rooms, distance between the old and new apartment and the number of persons in the household are important factors in this context, which are useful for price determination. In addition, you should first calculate how many moving boxes you need, which furniture must be transported and built and whether in the old apartment still living utensils must be picked, which has sorted out.

Notice periods and new registration

In addition to the actual move with the personal belongings, the providers of electricity, gas, telephone or television may also change when changing residence. The respective existing contracts should therefore either be transcribed or terminated on time. The same applies of course to the lease itself, because with a statutory notice period of three months otherwise creates a financial double burden, since you have to pay both the old and the new rent.

If you register your electricity supplier again, you can also immediately react to the existing market situation and think about green electricity models in order to live sustainably. The legislator should not be ignored with regard to this aspect since the energy-saving lamp has been recommended as a light source since 2009. So, if you change over immediately, you save on electricity and material costs, which you can use more sensibly elsewhere.

If you plan on approaching the change of residence, you can settle in the unfamiliar environment faster, make new contacts and feel at home.

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