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That reveals your favorite ice cream about your character

That reveals your favorite ice cream about your character.
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Vanilla Longweiler or Chocolate Optimist?

Summer, sun, sunshine - there comes a ball of ice just right. Whether you are a vanilla bored or a chocolate optimist, the look in our ice cream card tells you.

Who can resist this temptation? An ice cream made of creamy vanilla, full-bodied chocolate or fruity banana - flavors are different. It has a good reason why you always resort to one and the same strain or make a little variety in your waffle every once in a while. Easy to experiment - the choice of your favorite sorts of ice cream lets you look deeply.

As inconspicuous as possible - because of. Passionate ice cream eaters unconsciously reveal a lot. What her favorite ice shows about her character .

At first glance, vanilla lovers do not seem to be special. Down to earth, lovingly and with a certain amount of sensitivity they are looking for the very, very big love . They avoid great experiments, are tolerant and understanding . Others appreciate their tender nature .

Fruity and fresh: Strawberry ice cream tastes best. Strawberry ice cream friends radiate as much joy as the ice itself. They are spirited, impulsive and enthusiastic . They enjoy life and like to socialize among people . In love, they prefer passionate cuddling instead of wild sex.

Chocolate or vanilla? If you can not decide, try Stracciatella. Stracciatella worshipers seek variety and do not want to commit to one thing in life. It is difficult for them to be faithful. They need their freedom and their time for themselves. When they arrive, they are right. They quickly settle down and change their old quirks to the smallest detail.

Conscientious and charming : That's how cherry lovers are. Still a bit reserved at the beginning, they really bloom when they arrive. They are true indulgence people, which is also reflected in their love life. 'Cherries' score above all through their sensual and erotic charm .

They only spray with passion . Schocoholics are best known for their optimism and their zest for life . Always in a good mood, they beguile others with their very own charm . Chocolate tags are emphatic and always there for others. Their loving nature makes them popular with most.

Sauer makes fun - a phrase that applies exceptionally. Lemon lovers are especially fun, enterprising and itelligent people . They like to engage with others and cherish a high sense of justice . They love surprises, whether they are surprised by others or give pleasure to others. In love, they melt the ice with their erotic temperament .

Caramel friends do not really dare . Even if she likes the variety, they do not dare to do anything new. It's hard for them to make decisions, they like to weigh in safety and it's hard to decide .

They are true connoisseurs . Yoghurt pendants love the full taste; the pure, the unadorned . They have their very own charm, like to weigh in harmony and believe in the great love . Once they have found them, they stick to it all their lives.

Whether hazelnut or walnut: nut friends does not seem too heavy. Think first, then act : With this principle they crack every nut ever so hard. They have a great family life, which makes them especially affectionate, calm and patient people.

The next ice cream shop is too far away? Then you just make your own ice yourself. And check out what your favorite ice cream reveals about your character .